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What is art anyways

To create something new we have to open up our minds in ways we have never done so before. To me, creating new patterns and textures is a thrilling, exciting experience that leaves the brain neurons firing for hours. Just when you think all has been done, seen, made or created - you might find the inspiration you need.

I love using a hearty black ink on my white canvases. The feeling of opening a new markers, feeling its felt tip gently slide across the vast white plain of my canvas... Upon the first touch, you already feel the vibes of your instrument and how its acting that day. Everything is always in motion, everything has a soul and everything has a life of its own, if you really think about it. Our instruments, just like us artists, can have good and bad days. Sometimes the paint doesn't lay flat like you want it to. Sometimes the colors dont mix like you see them in your mind's eye. Sometimes you just can't seem to find the right paintbrush to express your mood. New day, new feelings.

The felt tip of my acrylic paint marker is now saoked and dripping on the canvas, creating patterns of its own. It's hard to keep yourself from experimenting and splattering paint drops all over the surface. As the space fills with ink, you feel the need to interweave the dots, splashes and textures into one big matrix of designs. You start seeing shapes - abstract and familiar appearing on the canvas. You want to stop but the intricate flow of ink won't let go of our soul, gently seeping into the surface of the canvas, leaving behind a wet, shimmery glow.

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