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Why Lines?

I've always loved patterns and interesting textures. They can tell you so much about the places you are in mentally and physically. I create patterns I see in the world and those that are not seen to the eye but certainly felt by the body. We are all connected in one way or another, there is an intricate web of invisible connections all around us.

If we are humans that are more sensitive to this world and its vibrations, we pick up on those seen and unseen connections easier than other other might. Little dots, lines, ropes, frequencies, vibes, moods and vibrations connect us to one another and to the Earth, as well. No wonder we have to stand barefoot in the grass to get grounded. Gotta connect, Or disconnect. That's what my art is about. A certain connection you might have or the opposite - the need to disconnect from the world and reality and just get lost in abstract shapes and delicately weaved textures.


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